Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Gum disease treatment: A healthy mouth is essential for a healthy life!

If you ever come to know that you have a gum disease then you are not alone. Many people around the world have some form or other of the gum disease. It can range from a gum inflammation to a very serious disease that can damage the bone and soft tissue supporting the teeth. Whether or not your gum disease has worsened, stopped or slowed greatly depends upon that how well you take care of your gums and teeth each and every day. The main causes of gum disease are- Our mouths have a lot of bacteria or germs. The bacteria, together with the mucus and the other particles, continuously form a colourless, sticky “plaque” kind of thing on the teeth. Plaque if not removed can harden and at the same time form “tartar” which cannot be cleaned even with the brushing of teeth. Only a professional dentist cleaning or a dental hygienist can do the removal of tartar and clean the teeth. One can also go for Gum Disease Treatment in Manchester for perfect treatment.

Gingivitis- The longer tartar and plaque are on your teeth, the more harmful they can become for your gums. The bacteria can lead to inflammation of the gums which is known as “gingivitis.” In the gingivitis, the gums of the patient usually become swollen, red and sometimes even bleed easily. Although gingivitis is a very mild form of the gum disease and it can be cured with regular flossing and brushing or by frequent cleaning by a dental hygienist or a dentist.

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